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NUTRICIA is the leader of the food market for infants and children in Poland. He is a member of the Danone Group. It specializes in food for infants and children and clinical food – for people who require a special diet. In Poland, NUTRICIA are two companies – operating in the production area of ​​NUTRICIA Zakłady Produkcyjne with its registered office in Opole and dealing in the sale of baby food and enteral feeding products NUTRICIA Polska with its registered office in Warsaw.

Using the Assessment Center to build the employer’s image. Implementation of the recruitment process based on the value-based assessment center according to the EIB idea, preservation of selection values ​​while limiting the natural stress related to the assessment situation. Setting the process in Nutricia’s values ​​and culture.

  • budowanie modelu oceny na bazie wartości pracodawcy
  • przygotowanie asesorów wewnętrznych
  • przeprowadzenie AC
  • realizacja video

Designed and implemented a new way to the Assesment Center based on building the team’s value and feedback for candidates in real time. Acquiring candidates tailored to the organization, at the same time answering their need for individual feedback.