Only 30% HR is fully responsible for employer branding

Only 30% HR is fully responsible for employer branding

Employer branding has been almost naturally taken over by HR departments in the majority of the organizations, as research shows. However, the set of competencies necessary to establish solid employer brand foundations and implement them in the company’s life, are not only from the HR field.

According to LinkedIn ( review, in only 36% of companies use joint forces of recruiters and marketers to manage their employer branding. For 30 % of them HR is mainly responsible for this topic, 20% has only little HR involvement in overall employer branding activities, and 10% doesn’t do employer branding at all! In times of war for talent, employer branding is extraordinarily important, as 84% of employees declare they consider leaving their current job for another company if it has better reputation.

Employer branding as a discipline takes a lot from marketing-related activities, such as recruitment funnel, candidate personas, employment value proposition, and many other.  Both departments, recruitment and marketing, require also strong leadership skills to work efficiently to the whole business’ success, therefore it is strongly recommended to involve a CEO and senior management in a brand building process.

This mutual influence is the most powerful, when confirmed by the voice of the employee, in order to achieve not only a brand success but a real change within the organization. Your employees are the best brand advocates.

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Author: Martyna Karpiuk, Marketing Specialist at Employer Branding Institute

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