In EBI we work with 360 approach. This means we offer knowledge and tools that meet vast majority of needs employers have in Employer Branding area, with special focus on 3 areas: analytics, strategy and execution. This approach shapes the path we walk through with each of more than 100 clients.

examination and diagnosis

First, get to know

where you stand

Here we analyse your brand and diagnose its challenges in order to prepare you to conquer the market! Our know-how is based on the experience of dozens of strategies prepared, thousands of candidates examined and hundreds of heard employees. See the four pillars of our approach:

#proprietary employer brand model

Our model is based on the unique I Love My Job paradigm. Its premise are 8 touchpoints between employer brand and the employee and includes over 500 indicators from various business areas.

#people analytics

People analytics is a strategic organisation data analysis focused on achieving business effects. Working by this approach all our strategies are backed with local quanititative data and effective approach to employer’s brand.

#best brands identification

During the diagnosis we identify brands with outstanding offer or approach. All brands we work with have a chance to earn a distinction mark in two areas:

Image module

I Love My Job Winner – confirming highest standards of maintaining a friendly and engaging workplace. We love their employees and invite the best employers to be a part of #pracujebolubie project. And you, too, are invited!

Premium Employer Brand – confirming strong employer brand among consumers. Out of 240 brands listed in this rank, we award those best perceived in the market.

#our own tools

Thanks to many years of cooperating with big brands we have created a set of proprietary quantitative and qualitative tools that help us in effective identification of brands’ potential challenges. lets us accurately design brand strategy. It provides employers with clear recommendations on how to improve their brand based on our indicators and KPI.

EVP Discovery helps us identify the organisational EVP, identity and communication channels based on insights from employees and candidates.

Premium Employer Brand Index, an annual evaluation of more than 200 employer brands in the prospect of their consumer brands.

Buzz Audit, an online sentiment analysis, providing the employees with knowledge of who talks about their brands and how it may influence their brand image.

BenchCom, an employer brand communication audit with qualitative analysis of channel effectiveness in comparison with brand competitors.

Strategy and roadmap

Second, plan

your particular actions

It is a stage of EVP discovery and preparation of strategy for its communication in the target groups. This is the place where your brand narrative is born. This is the place connecting corporate strategy, consumer strategy and talent strategy of the company. Clearly, the most significant phase of shaping employer brand.

#strategic brand analysis

  • brand development stage shown on Employer Brand Growth Matrix
  • brand strength evaluation on 8 stages (touchpoints) of talent path
  • evaluation of sourcing effectiveness
  • diagnosis of EVP attributes, based on adequacy and stability

#EVP identification and communication strategy

  • EVP in division between target groups (EVPmatrix)
  • behavioral profiles of communication personas
  • EVP communication to target groups
  • shaping a direction for communication and brand narration

#operational roadmap

  • brand activation, a set of basic communication materials (EVPtoolbox)
  • communication activation using optimised tools and channels
  • image-related and recruitment-oriented activation, including large cross-media campaigns
our main scopes of experience

1. Complex EB strategies

Holistic strategies for your brand containing main target groups and EVP responding to their needs. Our focus is to always generate profit from investing in all organisation processes connected to employer brand. Our goal: to create long-term and measurable profit for your brand.

2. Sourcing strategies for key candidate groups

Strategies mapping the ‘perfect candidate’ profile, effective communication channels and selection tools that will allow you to source candidates and generate the best business results. Moreover, our People Analytics LAB team will prepare dedicated selection tests for your brand, as well as AC tasks, and train your recruiters in optimising selection process.

3. Key employee groups retention strategies

Strategies for engaging employee cohorts with highest turnover risk, or highest business potential. Here we identify key actionpoints and design project tools, which will allow you to keep on those best and efficiently manage rotation.

execution and processing

Third, focus

on your target

Who is behind preparing and processing campaigns? Meet our experienced team: graphic designers, strategists, communication and technology specialists. Our experience has been founded on working in best agencies and marketing teams. And that’s where the magic happens! In our executive department, that is. Here we create ideas that surprise and engage participants.

#we work on effects

What does a good campaign mean to us? Firstly, actions with a view of fulfilling long-term goals, image-related or recruitment-related.Only by knowing the goal we can properly identify communication strategy and channels.

#we engage candidates and employees

How do we identify good communication? Strong, positive emotions it evokes. Ideas that touch your heartstrings. Engaging mechanisms that make candidates remember your brand. That’s why we always design the process in a way that enables us to build emotions and at the same time reach recruitment goals.

#we use performance-based employer branding

For us, modern employer branding is a balanced mix of qualitative insight and marketing tools. That’s why we know GA, GDN, CTA, Bounce rate, SEO, SEM, dropout, CPC or lead conversion inside and out!

our main scopes of experience

1. Tactical campaigns

Designed for sourcing large volumes of candidates, with clearly identified profile. First, we set up a landing page targetting a specific group of candidates. Next, we design effective offer communication. As a last step, we launch best tools for the defined target group. The key to our success is daily campaign optimisation, using performance marketing tools.

2. Image and recruitment activities

Design with a prospect of long-term effectiveness and revenue optimisation. We work out the EVP communication to the target groups and choose tools around the 8 key touchpoints, according to I Love My Job methodology. Moreover, we design engaging career sites and employer communication materials, optimise turnover tools and engage your employees in Employer Branding processes.

3. Dedicated communication

Focused on a selected candidates or employees group. Taking in mind the brand needs, even those very specific like supporting diversity policy in company, a corporate blog or employer’s social media channel.

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