We are Employer Branding Institute

(but we call ourselves EBI)

We were born in 2011 (as a company, of course) as one of the first employer branding companies in Poland. From the very beginning our mission was to educate and support employers in building their strong employer brands. Through the years we’ve seen many successes and failiures. Today we are the leaders in our domain. We used our whole experience and knowledge to create efficient tools which we want to share to support employers and specialists in building strong employer brands.

  • we’ve supported more than 100 large employers with our knowledge, helping them prepare EB strategies and campaigns (and the largest Polish employer hires over 50.000 employees)
  • we’ve manned brands on geographically various markets (we even reached Chennai, which is quite far from Warsaw), prepared positioning campaigns for whole sectors (including quickly expanding SSC/BPO, coordinating over 80 employers consociated in ABSL), reaching out to difficult target groups (one of the most interesting challenges was Hunter’s position)
  • we carried out 17 employer branding and HR conferences (HRcamp and Warsaw Recruitment Days)
  • we’ve educated more than 100 EB specialists (studiaeb.pl) and awarded over 50 employers for their actions in EBstars and HRHero contests
  • we gathered 500 EB indicators on which we base employer brand diagnosis
  • we fell in love with gamification and built our own recommendation program platform on it (and it works for many companies)
  • we’ve convinced 6.000.000 Poles that they CAN like their jobs within the pracujebolubie.pl project
  • ever since portal's fundation 8 years ago, we support HR specialists through inspirations and news published on HRstandard.pl
our approach

ideas + data = performance

Modern employer branding changes faster than any other HR and marketing discipline. Access to new data and ability to process them, new technologies, robotisation, artificial intelligence, changes in media consumption of new generations shape this discipline beyond recognition. There is one constant element though, which is Human: human’s needs, emotions and cognitive processing. Understanding and connectiong those two poles decides on employer’s success. That’s why our USP is: ideas + data = performance

Our actions are based on 4 pillars:

1. Knowledge about brands’ mechanisms

The basics of our actions are understanding and knowledge of what builds up the brand’s power, what it consists of and how the candidates and employees see it. It allows us to conduct a strategic diagnosis and plan actions leading to a long-term success.

2. Talent analytics

We work on an evidence-based employer branding approach – that’s why we first analyse data and processes from whole candidate experience cycle and then from employee’s experience with employer brand. In EBI we identify over 500 indicators, processes and tools.

3. People science

Creating communication and designing tools we base on understanding how people – candidates and employees – work (like, in this metaphysical way, not exactly how they push buttons). This allows us to build engaging tools and effective communication. People Science involves cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, recipient’s emotions and motivations, shaping attitude, group processes and decisionmaking paradigms.

4. New Technologies and Effects-Based Merketing

…that is, experience and tools, without which modern employer branding cannot be effective. For us it’s about a skillful combining of insight and tools supported by new technologies. That’s wjy GA, GDN, CTA, Bounce rate, SEO, SEM, dropout, CPC, marketing automation or AI is our bag.

our team

We base our success

on a team of experts

Modern Employer Branding needs a strategy in managing your brand, focused on a real profit for the organisation. It needs to combine knowledge from many areas – communicational tests and strategy, marketing, sourcing, analytics, new technologies and HR. That’s why in EBI we’re not EB specialists. We are HR, psychology, marketing, new technologies, brand testing and projecting experts. That’s what allows us to create tailored strategies and campaigns engaging recipients around your brand – our experience. Meet our team!

Barbara Zych, PhD


Post-graduate manager EB studies director for Kozminski University. In EBI developing new products. HR strategies and profitability enthusiast. Author of many books, managing papers and HR tools supporting organisation development.

Małgorzata Siarkiewicz

Product Manager

Always sees many dimensions simultaneously, which helps her to care for clients’ measures’ coherence and effectiveness. She loves talking to people, as well as meetings and workshops with clients. When noone sees, she likes to tinker with code. Constantly influenced by endorphines, in her free time she likes to hole up in fitness room.

Kinga Makowska

Creative Strategist

HR and consumer marketing strategist. Loves non-standard solutions and recruitment challenges. After work she concerns herself with visual arts and vegan cuisine.

Kaja Joanna Gryciak

Client Service Manager

Coordinates client service and products in EBI. She cares for good client relations and organises conferences. Many years of communication area experience and over 500 hours of tuitions make her know what she does. Neuropsychology and and books are her natural habitat.

Marta Sitkiewicz

Office Manager

Economist and HR specialist by schooling. She does well in crisis situations. Problem solving, both interpersonal and professional, is her identification mark. In her free time she explores gluten-free cuisine and tours Warsaw by bike. Her biggest dream is to make music.

Natalia Hebel

Business Development Manager

Saleswoman of passion, loves what she does. During her 10-years practice she got to know the process from A to Z. She always cares for client’s contentment which is a priority for her. Communicative and dynamic. She never lacks energy, even during the most demanding projects.

Maciek Ostrowski

Content Manager

HRstandard.pl’s content manager. Polish as a foreign language teacher by schooling, who loves planes. Apart from editing articles, he contacts clients and creates content. In the office he likes it slow and easy, but he does well when things go crazy. Believes that good vibes = results.

Ewelina Jaguś

Junior Client Partner

In our team works with project processing, which means she’s making it consistent with actual trends and strategies, and optimal for the client. Personally a psychology, vegan cuisine and sports freak.

Justyna Markowicz

Client Partner

Responsible for effective cooperation with clients and for pracujebolubie.pl campaign. Interested in labour market, employer branding and business. She’s experienced in international projects and events’ organisation.

Monika Grąbczewska

Junior Client Partner

In EBI working at processing department. My job is creative and complex projects’ processing. I’m a Warsaw University graduate. In my free time I travel, train climbing and learn sign language. I love chocolate, film festivals and theater.

Adam Joachimiak

Junior Account Manager

A sociologist trying to verify picked up theories in practice. I value punctuality, interesting ideas, reliability and professionalism in cooperating with clients. I love new technologies, music and nature.

Jan Pantuła

Junior Account Manager

Neurotic personality, which doesn’t recognize impossible (even though it bases on reason). A constant fight between logics and emotions. He tries to reforge his mind duality into his strength. In business he’s hands down “distinguish yourself or die”. And he’s alive.

Weronika Domaradzka

Marketing & PR Intern

Manages social media and writing articles. Journalist by schooling and by passion. Self-taught practicioner in on-line marketing. Interested in design and streetwear. In her free time she reads criminals and versifies.

Joanna Charczuk

Graphic Designer

A mixture of a strict mind and an artist. Dancer in “Warszawa” Folk Dances Ensemble. When not at work, paints and draws. Her passion is make-up art.

Iza Antoniuk

Graphic Designer

She has more ideas than time. In her deficient spare time she rides a fixie, practices caligraphy and lettering. A month without a concert is a month lost. She has something about 2137 pairs of shoes.

Daniel Mierzejewski

Client Partner Intern

Fanatic audiophile and cinemaphile, who begins his adventure with employer branding. His hobby is film editing. Supports EBI’s projects during the processing.