After years of brand researching, preparing strategies for our clients and conductng campaigns on the labour market, we reached the point where we want to share our experience and knowledge with the market. If you are a consultant, advisory company or marketing agency owner you will for sure meet clients who need support in employer branding. Using our tools and methodology you can help them get better.

We license-share our tools in 3 areas: 


If you seek for tools to help you

evaluate your brand and appoint EB strategy

Our tools are based on solid scientific researches and tested with dozens of implementations. Now you can trust them and use their strategic support!

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Appoint strategy

EBnavi is your employer brand advisor which will navigate its strategic development.

EBnavi is based on scientifically developed algorythm, verified with experience and methods used by leading employer brands in the world. Thanks to our unique methodology based on over 500 indicators from all of candidate’s and employee’s life, EBnavi will allow you to easily manage your employer brand.

For whom
EBnavi is an ideal solution for brands which want to state their strategic direction in employer branding activities.
How does it work
You fill a questionnary and get a report of your brand diagnosis - we give you a specific activity plan.
You get to know, where is your employer brand and which direction to go. Furthermore, you'll get a specific activities plan with designated priorities.
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Brands research

Check how people recieve your brand.

Premium Employer Brand Index aims to research employer brands’ strenght considering their consummer brands. It’s the only research in the market allowing us to form a 300-brands ranking based on a representative research group of 10.000 respondents.

For whom
For everyone working on employer branding strategy, seeking for bona fide data about a specific company's status on labour market.
How does it work
You give us a company's name and in few days get a report. You can use this data to prepare our brand strategy, appoint KPI or moniting the effects of your cooperation with clients.
You'll get an information on how given employer brand is seen by people, get to know its fans in key areas and obtain EB strategy core.

If you seek for efficient

recruitment and employees’ engagement tools

We’ve prepared tools based on newest trends – gamification, machine learning, networking effects – so that you could efficiently build up your brand’s image, recruit candidates and engage empoyees.

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Upgrade your recruitment process

Get your candidates through recommendations and accustom them engaging in building your company

We’ve created a platform to improve your company’s recruitment process. Pepperto is a gamified platform that will help you reach your business targets by engaging your employees and candidates quicker and less expensive! You’ll get engaged brand ambassadors and culturally adjusted candidates.

More info on this tool:

For whom
Pepperto is a gamified platform developed for companies who value employees' engagement, smooth recruitment process, effective candidates deployment and efficient employees' feedback.
How does it work
Within the platform, you can use 3 modules: 1. recommendation platform; 2. ideabox and an interactive app; 3. interactive onboarding game focused on the most important organisation areas.
With Pepperto you'll find a way to source new employees and make the process faster and less expensive. Moreover, you'll decrease employees' rotation in your company.
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Show how cool of an employer you are!

Build your company's story, show it from your employees' point of view and recruit candidates who match your company's culture.

Basing on experience and gained knowledge, we design tools allowing constant (which means not campaign-only) engagement of employees and sourcing matching candidates. is a project which aims to show Poles how to enjoy their work. Together we put on people who like mondays and don’t hesitate to speak of it. We promote workplaces where employees are happy.

For whom project was made for employers who want to show their brightest side on the labour market and attract candidates who will feel in position in the new workplace.
How does it work
Together we create a company's showcase, where the candidates will find photos of your office, employees interviews and stories and trivia about your company. All that to make candidates feel how is it like to work for you!
We show, how cool employer you are! We give recommendations and tips based on a complex Employer Branding audit. The best of the best get rewarded with "I love My Job Winner" award for a given year.
education and promotion

If you loo for effective employer’s

educational and branding tools

We’ve prepared tools with which you’ll build a stronger employer branding team within your organization to show the world how good an employer you are. Thanks to them return on employer branding invesment will grow significantly.

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Educational game

Build your EB team's strategic competencies

Make use of a board game connected with employer brand’s audit which will help you build up strong EB competencies and prepare your team for the best activities on market!

For whom
For teams working on EB strategy and execution, seeking for an interesting and full of content educational tool.
How does it work
ZYou order educational materials, gather an EB team and begin to play a game. It may last from 4 to 8 hours (depending on version).
A wonderful tool which will help you structuraly go through developing a strategy and build a strong EB team.
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Cool employers’ decoration

Show the others how cool as an employer you are!

This unique distinction is given only to extraordinary employers once a year. It helps in communication with labour market and shows that the organization cares for its employees and employer brand. It is a sign for candidates that you’re worth working for. For employees it’s a confirmation that they chose their employer corectly. We use this decoration to distinguish employers participating in project.

For whom
For organizations hiring over 200 employees, seeking for an opportunity to profesionally distinguish themselves from the market and communicate their offer.
How does it work
Distinction is given based on an HR audit, which considers employer's tools, processes and effects.
I Love My Job Winner distinction allotted for a given year, which you can use in your recruitment materials and 3 out of 20 special merits that you can use for communication with your candidates.
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