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Provident is one of the largest British employers in Poland. The Provident team is over 11,000. people – full-time employees and consultants cooperating with the company. Over half of employees work longer than five years.

Creating a comprehensive internal communication strategy. Due to the intensive development of the organization and the necessity of managing a several thousand agent network in Poland, we met with Provident as part of a specific need – an audit of internal communication and working out a strategy in this area.

The complicated structure of communication based on a specifically operating business operation required a special approach. Based on our original Flow communication model, we have prepared a dedicated way of testing not only the transparency of communication channels, but also the efficiency of internal communication as a function supporting the operational operation of the business. Our goal was also to evaluate communication activities in the area of ​​internal branding.

The effect of the project was to develop a unique internal communication map, communication application points, and internal communication management strategies. Based on the strategy, we have also prepared a new line of communication for the employer, and an internal commitment program for Passionate Provident employees. The results of the research were also used to create a culture-oriented game for candidates under the name “Know yourself in the Providence”.