We are strategic employer branding agency. We help employers to effectively source and engage their talents. We do it through building strong employer brand and exceptional experiences design. Let’s check our 9 steps framework!

3 steps for
Auditing your processes, external and internal experiences, discovering EVP and mapping personas.
3 steps for
Preparing strategy, planning projects roadmap, setting up budget and pitching to the board.
3 steps for
Supporting projects delivery, consulting ad hoc needs, monitoring the effects, educating your team.
research & diagnosis

where are

we today?

Here we analyse your brand and diagnose its challenges. Our know-how is based on the experience of dozens of strategies prepared, thousands of candidates examined and heard employees.

1. Auditing the actual activities

We audit your brand looking at the processes and tools, benchmarking you to the best brands worldwide.

Tools we use here:

  • EBnavi.com – online survey for HR to audit your employer brands processes and tools
  • Board workshops – kick-off meeting with all the stakeholders within the process

2. Checking your brand with employees

We check employee experiences with your employer brand and map the processes you should redesign.

Tools we use here:

  • Employee experiences checkpoint – online survey checking how your employees find your brand
  • Service design focus groups – workshops with your people on the most important brand elements

3. Checking your brand with candidates

We examine external perception of your brand within selected target groups in comparison to your recruitment competitors.

Tools we use here:

  • Premium Employer Brand – online survey tool for checking awareness
  • Digital presence audit – qualitative method to audit your job profiles, social media buzz, SEO rankings
Strategy & Planning

where are

we going?

It is a stage of EVP discovery and preparation of strategy for its communication in the target groups. This is the place where your brand narrative is born. This is the place connecting corporate strategy, consumer strategy and talent strategy of the company. Clearly, the most significant phase of shaping employer brand.

4.Strategic brand analysis

  • brand development stage shown on Employer Brand Growth Matrix
  • brand strength evaluation on 8 stages (touchpoints) of talent path
  • evaluation of sourcing effectiveness
  • diagnosis of EVP attributes, based on adequacy and stability

5.EVP identification and communication strategy

  • EVP in division between target groups (EVPmatrix)
  • behavioral profiles of communication personas
  • EVP communication to target groups
  • shaping a direction for communication and brand narration

6.Operational roadmap

  • brand activation, a set of basic communication materials (EVPtoolbox)
  • communication activation using optimised tools and channels
  • image-related and recruitment-oriented activation, including large cross-media campaigns
Most common questions we answer:

What is our EVP, target groups and tools we should use to make our brand stronger? How to deliver it on a global and local scale?

How to reach and source our candidates effectively? What is our communication platform and which tools should we use to make it cost-efficient?

How to keep our people engage and motivated? What should be our internal project roadmap for communication and engagement? HOw to make our people to be ambassadors of our brand?

implementation support


get there!

At these stage we support strategy implementation. We are the defenders of the hardest part – the strategy implementation. Our role is to make sure that the goals are delivered on time, the obstacles are overcome and the brand is growing in the direction we together agreed. How we do that?

7.Supporting delivery

Using monthly-billed support packed we secure your strategy is implemented well. Sticking to your EVP, roadmap and KPI we support each stage of project implementation. We help choosing vendors, mentoring them and do projects together if needed.

8.Addressing adhoc needs

If any additional needs occurs within the strategy implementation, here we are. We set the brief, find the right partner and cooperate to deliver the project inline with the strategic goals. We do it to secure the coherency within the brand communication across every project. We will bill you for project coordination. 

9.Educating brand team

 We secure people in your organisation have the right skills and knowledge to implement effective employer branding. We will educate your team in any area of branding, hr, communication or analytics they need, supporting it wit the top notch knowledge based on worldwide cases. We care of your brand by ups killing your team!

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