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evaluate your brand and set up EB strategy

You can use this tools as our client or as a licensed consultant.

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Audit your brand and set up strategy

EBnavi is your employer brand advisor which will assess and navigate its strategic development.

EBnavi is based on scientifically developed algorithm, verified with experience and methods used by leading employer brands in the world. Thanks to our unique methodology based on over 500 indicators from candidate’s and employee’s talent journey. EBnavi will allow you to assess where you are now and how to plan your strategy at each step of your talent journey using over 100 strategic recommendations tailored to your needs.

For whom
EBnavi is an ideal solution for brands which want to assess their strong and weak points, compare the maturity of entities in their structure and state their strategic direction in employer branding activities.
How does it work
In 3 easy steps:
A) Register
B) Fill a questionnaire
C) Receive a report of your brand diagnosis with a specific activity plan.
Report is generated automatically based on your answers!
You can safely compare your brand's condition now and after implementing strategy or any changes.
You will be benchmarked to other brands and the ideal brand model.
You will receive over 100 strategical recommendations regarding your current state.
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Brand research

Check how people recieve your brand.

Premium Employer Brand aims to research employer brand’s strength in correlation with their consumer brands. It’s the only research in the market allowing us to form a 300-brands ranking based on a representative research group of 10.000 respondents.

For whom
For everyone working on employer branding strategy with a consumer brand, seeking for bona fide data about a specific company's status on the labour market.
How does it work
You will receive a report in max 2 weeks. You can use this data to prepare your brand strategy, appoint KPI for monitoring the effects of your external EB activities, check how you are compared with your closest competition.
You'll know how your potential clients perceive you as an employer, what is important for them as candidates. You'll get to know brand fans a lot better in key areas and obtain EB strategy core.
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