Will employer brand exist in 10 years? Let’s find out!

Will employer brand exist in 10 years? Let’s find out!

We know you are serious about your professional development and thinking about where the future will take you. And you know what? We are thinking about it too!

Some of our thoughts are…💭

🤔 Will marketing take over EB?

🤔 Is Metaverse a real game-changer for employers?

🤔 What’s next after diversity?

Yeah, we have so many questions to be answered about the future of employer branding. But now you can help to get the answers.



Use the link and fill out the survey. It is up to 10 minutes long.


👉 free copy of the report straight to your inbox 📧

🤑 10% discount code for EBstars Festival 2022 (at the end of the survey)*

Let’s build the future of employer branding together! 💫

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