Client and candidate are the same person. Use the potential!

Client and candidate are the same person. Use the potential!

The client brand is the basis of the B2C organization – everyone knows it. You can clearly see it on a organizational and budget level.  The marketing department operates on clear terms that are connected with sales. Where as sales operate based on market data, effectiveness models – ROI and Big Data analytics.

Knowledge deficit
However, the concept of employer branding only works in companies that lack specialist talents. According to Linkedin, currently 72% of recruiters see the need to create a strong brand. Often, unfortunately, it does not translate into actual activity.

The scale of unemployment in Poland in 2018 amounted to 5.8% – at lowestin 28 years (Central Statistical Office). It makes is necessary to think about HR and candidates in a different way. Previously, this mindset was reserved for key product processes and customer brands. That’s why data analysis is so important right now.

Let’s start with the basics

The Premium Employer Brand Index 2019 goes one step further. We understand that the candidate is also a client and the contact points between him and the client brand are synonymous to those between the candidate and the employer’s brand. We are aware that now both marketers and HR responsible for reaching the same person. In practice, this means that the recipient of our client communication and EB can be both encouraged and discouraged by our company as a result of a two-way message. Just take a look at the statistics.

  • 80% of candidates are more likely to apply to the company if they like their consumer brand.
    67% of candidates stop buying the company’s products if they reject their CV

The Premium Employer Brand survey is conducted on a diverse sample of over 10,000 respondents (CAWI method). It assess 240 client brands in terms of indicators of impact on the employer’s brand. Based on the survey, over 10 strategies for effective use of the employer’s brand in the customer channel have been created as well as effective employee loyalty based on the client brand – including for such companies as Wedel, Orange, mBank, Lidl, CCC, Dr Irena Eris.

Client brand: use the potential

Thanks to the application of an integrated model of brand effectiveness evaluation, employers in activities related to the client brand  learn how to effectively use the potential that every B2C organization has. They can better understand the needs of their target group and find out what key indicators need to be measured to monitor the synergy of both processes. Both at the organizational level and on the basis of a common funnel model for the client brand and the employer brand. Armed with such knowledge, they can more effectively recruit talents and react in the event of changes.

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