A strong employer brand is a good investment!

A strong employer brand is a good investment!

Having a strong employer brand is not only the best recruitment strategy, but also a huge business benefits for the entire company! Research shows that a strong employer brand is working not only on our image among candidates, but also makes employees stay with us for longer and are significantly more involved. This translates into the quality of services and products of the entire company.

Investments in employer branding activities contribute to a number of savings. The lower cost of acquiring talent and the reduction in expensive employee turnover are just a few of them! The sum of these factors translates significantly into the business results and revenues of the entire company.



Employer’s brand values in numbers:

· 96% of employers believe that their brand has a positive or negative impact on revenues. But only 44% measure it (CareerArc)
· Investment in the employer brand can reduce employee turnover by 28% (Office Vibe)
· 84% of jobseekers find job reputation to be an important factor in the application decision (TalentNow)
· 50% of candidates say they would not apply to a company with low reputation, even if it offered higher remuneration (TalentNow)
· 53% of companies would have an employer brand (LinkedIn) if they had an unlimited budget
· 64% of consumers stopped buying brand products / services after finding out that the company mistreats employees (CareerArc)

If you want to learn more about how to start investing in an employer brand – visit EBnavi.com, a tool for auditing all processes in your organization that build a strong employer brand.
Also find us on LinkedIn and join our Employer Dataing based branding community.

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