Consumer brand to the rescue!

Consumer brand to the rescue!

A brand by any other name would smell as sweet?
A brand is not just a name, trademark and logo. It’s a promise made to customers. And promises should be kept. Brand guarantees that the customer will receive what they was promised when purchasing the product.

The consumer brand is a process

Building a brand, whatever it is, is a process. From the moment in which we know how to describe it, to development on the market, we must remember to plan, rethink and verify our activities. Depending on the size of the consumer brand, you can base the strategy on many pillars, for example: building customer relationships, price decisions or distribution.

When building a consumer brand, the same rules apply as when building your own reputation. One false move and we can ruin our long and arduous work. Coherence is extremely important. If our vision and mission communicates certain values, then they must be preserved at every level of recruitment and then in everyday work. There is no place for shortcuts and half-measures.

Why is it so important?

According to Premium Employer Brand, 80% of respondents say that the higher the brand in the Premium Employer Brand Index, the more willingly it applies to it. A very simple rule works here – candidates want to be in a place with which they can identify. Very often applicants see the consumer brand with the employer’s brand, hoping that the same values ​​that are communicated outside will be important in the company’s work. After all, the brand is what the customer thinks and feels in contact with a given company, product or service.

There are often discrepancies between what the brand would like to show and what it shows. That’s why verification is so important. It allows you to find differences between these two images and adjust the appropriate strategy that will help you to combine these two images.

Check who you are for recipients

The Premium Employer Brand survey is based on a representative nationwide sample of 10,000 respondents to the Ariadna research panel. Is the CAWI internet research. It allows you to check, among others, factors such as the recognition of your brand against the background of the competition, feelings about it and the interest of candidates for work based on the knowledge of the client brand. In addition, you can combine your brand with more than one category in Premium Employer Brand and analyze success stories to find out what the best are doing.

This data will allow you to look through the brand of the consumer brand on your employer brand.
Based on the respondents’ answers, a report is created that captures the most important information for you.

What’s next?

Do what you want! Armed with data, you can decide on the direction of your actions. Plan an exceptional recruitment campaign or changes within the organization. By taking part in the Premium Employer Brand study, you have the opportunity to join the group of the best consumer brands. Based on the results of the study, special decorations are awarded, valid for a year, which you can place on your career pages. Stand out and become one of the premium employer brands!

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