Misja Modelowanie – competition and campaign promoting work in the risk department at mBank!

Misja Modelowanie – competition and campaign promoting work in the risk department at mBank!

On 24 September – 21 October, Employer Branding Institute carried out a campaign promoting the Misja Modelowanie contest organized by the mBank risk department. The Misja Modelowanie was directed at students and graduates interested in the development towards analytical banking.


The motto of the campaign was: “Are you a student or a graduate who likes challenges?”. We decided to refer to the theme of the challenge and space travel to attract the attention of young people. We also wanted to show the risk area as a workplace that is characterized by inspiring tasks. The best and most tailored channel was facebook. The campaign promoting the project Modeling Mission was carried out in the form of advertising banners and an event that directed the participants to the application form and promotions within social groups. During the two-week activities, we collected 43 applications.

Misja modelowanie, as a hackaton

Project Misja Modelowanie has adopted a form analogous to hackathon – a creative marathon for specialists in a specific industry (usually IT), during which the participants are tasked with presenting a proprietary solution to a given problem within one or two days. Contests of a similar form are an increasingly popular recruitment tool. Why? The structure of creative or analytical marathons allows not only to check the skills of candidates in practice but also to learn how to approach them to a given problem. It is also a great opportunity to get to know how candidates cope with the presentation and defense of their own project.

Such competitions allow you to check candidates’ skills in direct translation for business and business benefits and to propose unconventional solutions. For students it is also an opportunity to test their abilities in practice and see if working in a similar position suits them

– says Kaja Gryciak, Head of Executive Team at Employer Branding Institute.

Misja ModelowanieMisja Modelowanie is a two-day modeling contest, which took place on 13-14 November 2018. During the course, students and graduates of the analytical faculties had the opportunity to face the challenges that specialists in modeling and validation of credit risk parameters face every day. The participants had to present the effects of their activities to the jury. The best were very attractive rewards – a three-month paid internship in the risk area and cash prizes in the amount of 6,000 and 3,000 PLN.

Author: Aleksandra Grabska, Client Partner at Employer Branding Institute

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