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LINK4 is the first direct insurer in Poland. Values they live by within customer service or their products are also the values they surround their employees with. After developing an employer branding strategy together, we wanted to communicate the employer brand offer even better, also to new groups of potential candidates. We decided that one of the tools to achieve this goal would be to create a refreshed, user-friendly career website alongside actively involving LINK4 Ambassadors in the project!

Refreshing the career website is the realization of the strategic goals established in the employer branding strategy. Throughout the process, we wanted to involve most active employees LINK4 Ambassadors. For this reason, the one step before the “website project” was diligent planning of the Ambassador Program, one of whose objectives in addition to supporting internal communications and implementing employee initiatives was to support the new career website design. What did we want to achieve?   

  • Involve LINK4 employees in the process of developing the website to utilize their creativity and engagement 
  • Present the EVP pillars and LINK4 culture in a simple and understandable way 
  • Reach new target groups, matched by profile to LINK4 
  • Enable LINK4 employees to communicate freely on external channel 
  • Provide all the necessary information to website visitors within career topic and give them the best possible online experience 
  • We began preparations to launch the new career website by recruitment to the Ambassador Program. We used a teaser campaign for this purpose. At the first stage, employees were given the quiz “At LINK4 I am…”, where they could check what type of employee they are. After receiving the answers, those who completed the quiz received an invitation to participate in the “LINK4 People” Ambassador Program. As part of this action, we were able to recruit 13 wonderful Ambassadors! 
  • The next step was a photo shoot. The main theme was…passions! Each participant had the opportunity to use their own props and what they chose was for instance rollerblades, microphone, climbing poles or tennis racquet. Thus, we wanted to show the spirit of LINK4 – working at LINK4 is a place where they can develop not only professionally, but also realize their own hobbies.   
  • We included the collected materials in the mockup of the career website, which graphically refers to the new line of communication and the slogan “LINK4, I like it!”. In addition to information about the company, the designed website also includes testimonials and photos of the Ambassadors.   

The result of the work is a refreshed, new career tab, which contains a cross-section information about working at LINK4, while maintaining a large share of employees’ content. 

  • We used a new line of communication based on the slogan “LINK4, I like it!”  
  • We presented the new EVPs in a way that is easy to understand for the audience, using the theme “I like it.” 
  • We have presented the values of the organization, added information on the various steps of the recruitment process, as well as a detailed description of LINK4’s Departments and Teams 
  • We added a virtual tour of the LINK4 office 
  • Finally, we included testimonials from employees and show what they like about working at LINK4   

The Ambassador Program and the refreshed career website are just the beginning of the activation plan of the EB strategy for LINK4. There is a lot ahead of us, so we eagerly encourage you to follow the next implementations!