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Philp Morris International was facing a big change – transformation into technology driven company with its new vision to build a smoke-free future. We needed to support this change by localizing the new global EVP and employer communication.

The biggest challenge for developing the PMI Poland’s strategy was the ongoing business transformation from a tobacco to a technology company. 

This transformation required reaching new groups of candidates with a new employer’s offer and engaging the employees in changing the brand positioning in the market.  

Other challenges to tackle were: 

  • 3 different business units, 5 key target groups, 3 HR departments, 2 cities plus the entire Poland (Sales), 2 working languages 
  • Restrictions on tobacco communications 
  • Dependence on the global guidelines and global EVP 

We aimed to achieve both business and operational goals, which included the increase of the PMI’ brand awareness in the market and the comprehensive EVP activation and development. 

We started with conducting a unique and data-driven 360° study, processing 5,000 data points within 12 months using a dedicated framework to determine the EVP activation strategies. We used such research techniques as IDI, CAWI, focus groups, desk research. We also conducted a competitor analysis, Google sentiment analysis and the automated EBnavi assessment. 

After the comprehensive research, we determined new target groups, defined a new brand identity based on 3 archetypes and designed new EVP pillars. 

This enabled us to activate and communicate the employer brand through the external and internal channels, including digital channels, and to adjust the activities to the new reality of COVID-19. 

The outcomes are stunning! Together with PMI Polska and the partners involved, the effects were surprising: 

  • a new EB strategy, EVP for key people and a 2-year operational plan for the activation of the brand in over 50 points of contact of candidates and employees with the brand were created 
  • a guidebook of the employer brand was created specifying all communication activations for the new platform (announcements, social media, employer profiles, career page, communication with the candidate, internal communication, guidelines for photos, sessions, videos, etc.) 
  • a new responsive career website integrated with the ATS system was created 
  • EVP communication managed to involve the company’s employees and involve them in ongoing open communication with the labor market 
  • increased brand recognition and attractiveness on the market (increase in position in employer rankings) and the strength of PMI associations with EVP pillars in key target groups increased (quantitative population surveys) 
  •  we reached a new pool of candidates, thanks to which it was possible to optimize the recruitment budget 
  • most importantly – the number of applications has doubled, website traffic over 4 times, and the number of applications per website by more than 5 times! 

The effects of the developed strategy are still growing, follow the actions of PMI in Poland!