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Philp Morris International was facing a big change – transformation into a technology-driven company with its new vision to build a smoke-free future. We needed to support this change with a new communication platform supporting EVP and targets groups.

Building a career website for Philip Morris in Poland is the next step after developing the EB strategy with the joint efforts. The aim of creating the website embraced achieving the strategic goals as well as facing the following challenges:

  • How to effectively communicate the organizational change?
  • How to understand the complex organizational structure of PMI in Poland?​
  • How to effectively communicate to a diverse target group?​
  • How to involve employees within the entire organization to create a website that will voice their thoughts and opinions?
  • How to support recruiting for cultural fit and improve the recruitment funnel efficiency?​

The implementation activities involved the employees and candidates. Together with the PMI Polska team we carried outnumerous activities such as:

  • We invited the representatives of all companies and key teams with whom we created the information architecture on the website to  ​
  • We have created the design and mock-ups that are in line with the global communication but also emphasize most important local aspects.
  • We engaged employees in such activities as photosessions, statements or positional
  • The candidates were the first to be tested. We conducted usability testing (UX)and implemented the changes to the website according to their feedback. ​
  • We created a team of PMI Ambassadors, which was the first to show a wide range of new local services.​

The results were tremendous! The whole website was created, which shows a cross-section of the open opportunities at PMI Poland, and all this while maintaining the human dimension:

  • The website introduced 113 employees (work-related photos, testimonials, video materials)
  • We placed 46 statements of employees
  • We made 5 video series about the companies
  • We introduced 11 key teams
  • We have created an intuitive job search engine
  • And a tab dedicated to recruitment
  • We have created a prescreening test for cultural fit that shows the culture and values of PMI Poland
  • We have enabled access to the service from any device for foreigners.

What is more, as part of the website promotion, we created a group of PMI LI Masters ambassadors. It had a significant impact on the website promotion on social media. We also created an online campaign addressed to candidates applying to different departments.