Report “Quality of recruitment processes”.

Report “Quality of recruitment processes”.

The record low unemployment rate over the last decades is the result of the demographic decline, but also the changes that occurred in the area of ​​profession. New industries appeared, while some professions have expired or are at the stage of gradual extinction. As a result, a large pool of professions was created on the labor market, in which employers note a shortage of employees. Together with, we decided to check how these changes affect the attitude of candidates for work. In the report on the “Quality of recruitment processes” you can find a comment written by our Kaja Gryciak, Head of Executive Team at the Employer Branding Institute.


The online survey included closed and open questions. They concerned previous experience in recruitment processes, expectations regarding offers, as well as the most problematic issues during recruitment interviews.

Conclusions important for employers and candidates

The goal of online opinion survey was to determine how the attitude of job seekers to employers changes. Also how this affects the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment process in companies. How does the content of the offer, it presentation and other details affect the recruitment effect? Why is the employer brand becoming more and more important also during acquiring qualified employees?

Answers to these and other questions are included in the report “Quality of recruitment processes”. The report includes information about employers and interesting activities. Also numerous tips from industry professionals, addressed to candidates and employers. We focused on a Christmas recruitment campaign for our client Empik, which resulted in recruitment over 500 customer advisors for the pre-Christmas period.

Quality of recruitment processes

What is the effect of the Employer Branding strategy on recruitment processes?

We like to write about interesting initiatives and reports, but even more we want to create them. That’s why the report also included a comment from our Head of Executive Team – Kaja Gryciak.

Many organizations decide to do recruitment campaigns, which is definitely a good move. However many of them, are based on an internal perspective. And also on belief about the target group or the values ​​of the organization. In the case of companies that belong to the group of lovebrands, the most important is the conscious decision to use the potential of the consumer brand in recruitment activities. This happened in the case of the Employer Branding Institute campaign for Empik, which, thanks to the verification of the needs and motivation of the candidates, as well as the basis of communication lines on the client brand, resulted in recruitment over 500 client advisors for the pre-Christmas period in just 1.5 months. This shows that remembering that some of our candidates are also our brand’s customers, we have a better chance of success and not burning the budget in a campaign based on the original idea.

– Kaja Gryciak, Head of Executive Team, Employer Branding Institute.

How can candidates and employers contribute to improving the quality of recruitment processes?

This you will learn from the report, which is available for download at

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